Mr. Robot Season 3 From Above

When I think of some my favorite shots from cinema or television, I think of wide shots. When I think of wide shots, I think of the high-angle shot. 

The high-angle shot shows the environment from a perspective the audience most likely doesn’t view the world on a day by day basis. When executed properly, the high-angle shot can serve as a great story telling tool. Think of Scorsese or Tarantino and how they use the angle in their films.  The Director can help visually communicate to the audience a better way of understanding the environment, situation, and the character. 

I can’t recall a show that has used the high-angle shot more than season 3 of Mr. Robot. I might be wrong but I think it would of stood out to me when watching other shows. I immediately noticed an increase of high-angle shots in the first three episodes this season. I began jotting down time stamps and with season 3 finally over, I stitched together this super-cut.  

We have a mix of tight, wide, 90 degrees, angled, tripod, drone, and crane. My most favorite high-angle shots have to be the shots with moving vehicles. The fluidity of the camera is P E R F E C T. Very Fincher-esque! One other shot that I really enjoyed was the shot of Angela initiating the hack in E-Corp’s office. Seeing her walk through the building into different rooms and also being able to see the exterior of the scene from earlier was really cool.

There are so many great things to say about Mr. Robot… The homages, the soundtrack, cinematography, characters, its darkness, cuts, design, just everything is R A D about this show. If you haven’t watched it, go do it and avoid watching this super-cut because it’s loaded with spoilers. It’s worth the watch! With all the trash-ass shows out right now, do yourself a favor and watch one that’s good. I wish USA would jump on the Netflix model though, it’s rough waiting once a week for a new episode. 

Let the kids binge, bruh!!

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